The Shack

Cast of Characters

The actors/actresses that I would pick to play the role of Papa, Sarayu. Jesus, Mack, and Missy would be Will Smith, Michelle Rodriguez, Paul Walker, and Matthew Gray Gubler. I would pick Will Smith as Papa because Will seems like he is a man that can teach others about forgiveness and help on how to forget about the past in order to be happy and continue with life. Michelle Rodriguez would play the role of Sarayu because Michelle is pretty and she is a strong women who fights for what she believes in. Also, she helps others get back up when they need help. I chose Paul Walker as Jesus because Paul looks nice and kind. Paul looks like he would do what Jesus did. He would help others. Matthew Gray Gubler would be Mack because Matthew is smart and goes above and beyond. Michelle Tanner would be Missy because Michelle is a smart little girl who seems to understand everything just like Missy even when adults don't think so.Therefore, this would be the characters I would choose.

The picture with the water would be the place where Kate and Josh fell off the canoe. The pages would be 19-20.

The picture of the campsite would be like in pages 16-17

The picture of the Shack would be on the bottom page 35-37

The event that I would want to be part of the movie is The Great Sadness. Another event would be when Mack goes to the shack and experiences the most wonderful time of his life with Papa, Sarayu, and Jesus. I would make sure to add the part when Papa takes Mack to find Missy's body. The last event that I would choose would be the ending when Mack is in an accident and he is back to his family.

An event that I would not put in the movie would be when Mack goes to Willie to ask for Willie's jeep. I say this because I don't think it's important to add this part. In my opinion, I think this part is just an extra. I would make Mack have his own car.

What I would change in the movie version would be the accident of Mack. I would change the accident of Mack to happen right after he gets the car from Willie (even though I would like Mack to have his own car). Mack gets into the accident while going to the shack. He is then taken to the hospital and is in a coma. There is when he goes to the shack with Papa, Sarayu, and Jesus. I would say that he is physically in the hospital, but mentally, spiritually, and emotionally he is in the shack. Once he finishes his journey with Jesus, Papa, and Sarayu he wakes up from the coma. He then talks to his family, especially Kate. Mack and his family live happily ever after and plan to go back to the shack.

What the book taught me about interacting with God is that I should be patient. I may ask God for some things, but he might not respond how I liked to. He might respond to me in a different way that I might not see at that moment, but I will afterwards. The Shack also taught me that God might not be how I see him to be like from looks. The book got me to view God as a women and a mother, not just a father. I am glad I read this book because I have learned so much by it and I have also learned a lot from this class.

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