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Instructional Course Online
for 9th Graders

Mr. Jacques Cameron Lafreniere

Office: ED2O9

Phone: 361-888-8282; E-mail: HelloJclaf@gmail.com


You are responsible for the future!

Course Description: This course emphasizes the various aspects of planning for teaching through the teacher student-centered learning process, organization, use of instructional media and technology, evaluations and various forms of creating a productive learning environment for students.  This course follows the TEKS which are the state standards for what students should know and be able to do.

The values and objectives will be prepared by the student to have a clear idea of what the teaching objectives are to be accomplished:  

  • Students be able to engage in effective online learning following professional learning standards,
  • Be able to demonstrate and understand your own research,
  • Incorporate multimedia into your assignments using multimedia software,
  • Students will be able to answer online discussion questions, write inquiry-based questions, and interact with group members.

Worldly views that interests me...start here

What interests you...

Post on the discussion board under "What Interests You..." what interests you with any type of multimedia, images or asynchronous software you would like to share with the class and myself.

Your learning outcomes:  

As a student of higher learning, you are to engage in our learning environment to focus on the three domains of effective online learning following the standards for professional learning and assessment of secondary education of curriculum and instruction.

As a student of higher learning, you are to focus the creation of your presentation design within the domain of content creation.

As a student of higher learning, you are to focus on the domain of learner engagement in your presentation.

As a student of higher learning, you are to use technology following your criteria for incorporating multimedia to improve your learning experience.

         Your responsibilities:

You are to abide by the rules and regulations set forth by the code of conduct of the student handbook.

You are to review the literature reviews in this course which you are to have references (minimum of 6) from professional websites, peer reviewed journals and articles.

You are to complete online assignments, online readings and view provided multimedia assignments on time.

You are to collaborate with classmates online in discussion topics in the discussion forum.

You are to use, understand and incorporate presentation software and multimedia software assigned online and through your own personal experiences.  


Where we are heading... Take the time off to watch this...


Points possible are earned through completing:

Reading Assignment responses ____________ 100

Multimedia Film Assignment ______________ 25

Multimedia Assignment Inquiry Questions _____ 25

Multimedia Assignment Responses __________ 25

Multimedia Software Presentation Assignment __ 50

Group Software Presentation ______________ 50

What Interests You Introduction ____________25

Late Work:

Any late work turned in after the due date will have a 10% reduction in points per day if the assignment, responses, or presentation is late.  The group presentation is an automatic zero for you and not your group members if no material is ready to present unless an incomplete grade has been discussed.

Course Schedule
Due Dates:

What interests you introduction due by_______________________Sunday at 12am

Reading Assignment responses due by____________________Wednesday at 12am

Multimedia Film Assignment responses due by_________________Saturday at 12am

Multimedia Assignment Responses & Questions due by____________Sunday at 12am

Statement of chosen Multimedia Presentation due by__________Wednesday at 12am

Multimedia Presentation due by ___________________________Sunday at 12am

Group Presentation begins in-class on ______________________Tuesday at 10am

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