The "Great Gatsby" DEAD!

Pool of blood mystery

While swimming in his pool the well-known and wealthy Gatsby was shot and killed by George Wilson now dead.  Gatsby well known as a hero from the war and a wealthy man was thought of being a killer says two young ladies "I believe he murdered someone during war".  Nick says that he had a love for Mrs. Daisy Buchanan " It excited him, too, that many men had already loved Daisy — it increased her value in his eyes."  This death was caused by the murder of Mrs.  Mrytle Wilson.  Speaking with Mr. Michaelis he quotes George saying "Oh my God, Oh my God".  Mr. Nick finally comes out and admits that he saw Daisy driving the car and hitting Mrs. Myrtle.  As i was speaking with Mrs. Daisy she said "Driving the car was to calm her" .  Now that three people are dead it was all caused by one mistake that no one ever spoke up about.  

Luckee's Cigarettes

The new Luckee's Cigarettes with the brand new filter. John, 18 year old male says "Wow! These new cigarettes don't even have a odor to them"  So get your new Luckee's Cigarettes today!

New Music In Town

Next Friday we will have a special guest named Sam Lanin bringing his lovely jazz orchestra to the world.  New York will be so pleased to hear the lovely sounds of them.  This band will be performing in the West Egg.  Tickets are $5 a piece and kids under five are free.  Food will be served afterwards

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