Canadian Shield

The Canadian shield is one of the 7 landform regions in Canada. It is located in the eastern and central parts of Canada. This region was formed over 2 billion years ago.

  • The Canadian Shield is a great place to live, it is beautiful and has a good climate. It has very cold and snowy winters while the summers are warm and long. People expect lots of rain and snow each year. The average temperature during the winter is -18*C and in the summer the average temperature is 25*C. There is 15 hours of daylight in the summer and in the winter 8.5 hours. Also the growing season in the Canadian shield is about 120 days. The average amount of rain in the summer is 200-300mm. The average amount of snow in the winter is 1200-1500mm.

The vegetation in the Canadian shield region is very different than the rest of Canada. The plants that live there are mostly trees, because they are more suited to the thin and sandy soil. This region has a short growing season, which produces short skinny trees. Crops usually don't survive because the growing season is too short. Also, there is a variety of vegetation grows in the shield region. The vegetation includes the jack pine, marsh reed grass, swamp laurel black spruce and bearberry. This vegetation grows here because the weather and soil is just right for these plants. However, in the lowlands the soil is soggy which is good for growing plants and some of the areas have many marshes and bogs. The rest of the regions soil is called tundra. As you go more south the trees are bigger and closer together. On the other hand the trees in the north are skinny and not as close together. Eventually there is a spot in the northern of the shield where there is no forestry.  

There is a lot of human activity in the Canadian Shield. The most thing that people like to do there are: boating, dogsled riding, fishing, hunting, and country skiing. The top two occupations that  people do there are logging and mining. The people in the Canadian Shield come from different cultures, and most of their characteristics are a like. The amount of space in this region lets people spread out and live far away from each other. The jobs that the shield has to offer are, mining, farming, forestry, welding, engineering, and accounting.

Some animals live year-round in the Canadian shield, but some migrate to and from the shield throughout the year. Animals that live here all year have to be able to handle the cold of the winter. These are the two animals that can handle the cold,  the peregrine falcon and the arctic fox. The animals that migrate to and from the shield have to because of the climate. The animal that migrates is the monarch butterfly. These are only a few of the animals there are more.

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