5 favorite brands...

1. Twitter

2. Nike

3. Apple

4. CocoCola

5. MK

Apple gained my loyalty because of there style. I like how they upgrade to a better looking laptop, iPod, iPhone, and other devices. I would only stop loving Apple if they didn't make cases for them anymore cause the iphone is fragile. Im also loyal to Nikey because they're shoe style is great and they make you like a inch taller, I think the only way I would stop being a customer is if they raised the prices. I like Twitter also because you can follow people, block people you dont like, keep your Twitter private so weird people don't stalk or do other weird stuff, and tweet whenever wherever about anything. The only way ill stop using twitter is if it looks like Facebook cause I really dislike it  💯

I think all popular logos have unique font and bold. I think that makes the logos memorable because that's what catches the people's eye whether if it's pretty, super dope looking, or something that they never seen before.

If I were to make or design a logo for my business or for whatever reaso, it would be big and bold because BIG and BOLD catches the eye and it's easier to see and read. It would also be a unique kind of font something that's not ever been used to present something.