Billy the Kid

Billy worked at Chelsea football club cleaning football boots before going into the football reserves team.

Billy then became a champion football star playing for Chelsea in the 1930's before war broke out in 1939.

Before his Dad died, he told Billy never to go to war.  Unfortunately war did break out and Billy's brother Joe signed up, this caused a big argument between Joe and Billy. The tragic thing happened and Joe was killed.

Billy signed up the next day to go to war and serve in the medical core.

His passion for football sees him threw the dark and lighter days of war.

Billy was captured and became a prisoner of war. While he was in the Prisoner of War Camp he organised a friendly football match against his Italian guards.

When the Italians backed out of the war, an Italian farmer came to the gates of the war camp and told them to leave before the Germans came.

So Billy and a friend he made in the war camp travelled to France, where he meets a French woman and her family. Billy stays with them sleeping in the house at night and in the forest during the day.

One day the Germans came to the women's house where Billy was staying. They found Billy's jacket and killed the woman and her family. Billy and his friend were later found by the French Resistance and were taken back to England.

Billy then had a week off before he went back to war. Treating the wounded prisoners of war. When he was traveling to a concentration camp his truck was blown up by a mine. Billy injured his leg and was sent home to England.

The doctor announced he would no longer be allowed to continue his football career. Billy already had a drinking habit that got worse. He arrived at his house to see a bombshell and his house was no longer there and neither were his family. Billy travelled the country for years and finally returned back to Chelsea.

He stayed in a basement of a derelict house, later to be found by a young couple that let him stay whilst they were renovating the house.

Billy ended up staying with the young couple and helped their son become a Chelsea champion footballer like him.

Some years later, Billy became a Chelsea pensioner meeting his long lost friend from the prisoner of war camp.

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