Do any of the characters correspond to the tripartite self? (ID, Ego, Superego)

Visual Representation by: Cynthia N. (Period 2, Mrs.H)

In "Oedipus the King", characters such as Oedipus and Jocasta correspond to their tripartite self. Oedipus corresponds to his ID when he killed his father, Lauis. Although he had the desire to kill his father, he wasn't aware of it. Jocasta also reveals her tripartite self when she found out who her son was. She shows us the ego part of her when she becomes aware that Oedipus was her son.

In the text, "Scars", a boy who looks up to his father reveals to us his superego. He exposes this as he matures overtime. At first, he believed that his dad's scars were the best but as time passes by he realizes that he was wrong to think that because in the end, his dad's scars weren't all that great.

The song "I wish" by Cher Lloyd feat. T.I displays ego. In this song the boy she is interested in, likes girls who are superficial. Cher Lloyd's ego side takes action when she is deciding if she want to emulate the superficial girls. She knows it is more important to be an individual but she wants to gain his attention.

ID is shown in the song "Want U Back" by Cher Lloyd. In this song Cher breaks up with the guy she is dating because she thought he would be miserable without her. But turns out, he is more successful without her. This boy finds someone new and Cher's desire make her act selfishly. She messes up the relationship by embarrassing his new girlfriend in various of ways such as spilling strawberry milkshake on her. Her desires cause her to act greedy.

This song called "The Lost One's Weeping" by Rin Kagamine shows ego. This song shows ego because he is making a decision on whether to conform to society or not. He wants to be like everyone else so that he can have a successful future without having society scorn him but he conflicted because he wants to have his own personality and choices.

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