Read to Achieve End-of-Year
Deadlines, Documents, and Procedures

Information for wrapping up Read to Achieve for the end of the school year.

There are four simple steps to learning how to wrap up RTA for the year.  
Use this tackk to keep you on track!



The procedures for RTA have changed and it is especially important that each member of your team pay close attention to the Read to Achieve Documentation Scheduleand Read to Achieve Documentation Checklist found on the C&I Google Site in the Read to Achieve Section. You will need to decide who on your leadership team will be responsible for each area listed on the schedule. I have provided a copy of the PowerPoint presentation of EOY deadlines that are especially important, but it is not a comprehensive list of dates.

Timely submissions of all information is vital to many departments to ensure that camp is fully staffed, transportation routes are accurate, and adequate materials are provided.
RTA EOY Letters (found on the CCS Portal - Administrative Documents)
Last year there were several RTA letters that went home to students between April and the end of the year for parents. This year the process has been revised. Please become very familiar with with content of the RTA letters. They can be found on the CCS Portal in the Administrative Documents section.

  1. RTA letters will go to all 3rd grade students on April 27th.
  2. Invitation Letters and Student Enrollment forms will go home to students that have not passed the EOG, immediately following the first scoring of the EOG.
  3. At that time, parents will receive an intent form and student enrollment form. There is a return by date listed on the letter.
  4. If a student that received an invitation letter passes the RTA test or the EOG re-test, the school will: call the parent, notify them of the results and let them know that the invitation to attend camp has been withdrawn because their child has demonstrated 3rd grade reading proficiency. This is really good news for the student!

RTA EOY Documentation to be turned into Elementary Education (due by June 11):

  1. Proficiency Form - (a shared Google Document) It will need to be printed, signed and turned into Jackie Jacobs. This document has been shared with the principal, assistant principal and instructional coach. Please contact me if someone needs to be added.
  2. Reading Camp Documents (organized by student): Student Enrollment Forms/Intent Forms, Copies of the Student Score Summary Sheets, Review of Accommodations Forms (504, EC, LEP) for students attending camp or taking the summer administration of the RTA test.
  3. Camp Rosters (a shared Google Document) - a tentative list after the EOY window closes will be submitted, the final is to be revised after all EOG administrations. This document will be shared after the EOY window closes.

Passages for Reading Camp It is not necessary for schools to "save" passages. Reading Camp passages will be made available for use during camp.

Ordering Reading 3D Question Stems Postpone ordering the Reading 3D Question Stems for next year. DPI is working with Amplify to more closely align the questions to grade level standards. However, this year schools are required to use 4.0. If you already have the pads, there are labels available on the C&I Google Site under Reading 3D that can be used cover any necessary changes. It is called, "Reading 3D Revision Labels and Updates..."


This presentation refers to the process for Read To Achieive End-of-Year documentation and key deadlines.  In addition, there is information regarding the documentation that will need to be prepared and delivered for Reading Camp. There's a bonus section you can use to review the pathways to proficiency with your teachers and parents. You will need to click present to view the animations and notes.  There is a button for you to submit questions you may still have regarding RTA documentation, deadlines, and procedures.

Collaborate & Clarify.

Please register for Read to Achieve Updates May 2015 on May 5, 2015 3:30 PM. Answers to your questions about timelines, documentation, and procedures will be discussed during the webinar. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar

I hope that you have found the information helpful. As always, feel free to contact me if you have questions about anything you've learned in this tackk.  Eboni