Business Owner(Pet Store)

Who do they report to?

they rely don't report to any one except if they have sponsors or other business partners.

Year       Billion

2014      $58.51 Estimated

2013      $55.72 Actual

2012      $53.33

2011      $50.96

2010      $48.35

2009      $45.53

2008      $43.2

2007      $41.2

2006      $38.5

2005      $36.3

2004      $34.4

2003      $32.4

2002      $29.6

2001      $28.5

1998      $23

1996      $21

1994      $17

according to

Job Purpose

the job purpose is to sell pets and produces that pet owners use like toys,food etc. it exists because there is going to be people who own a pet and it will never go away. and people are going to need food and other  needs for pets.

duty/responsibility's with owning a business

One of the big responsibility with owning a business is being able to keep track of what you buy and what you sell and making changes so you make money.

Qualifications for owning a business

1.(Education)You do not have to go to collage to own a business but it is a good idea to get more education so you have more knowledge.

2.(Technology Skills) You have to be able to yous a computer and babel to track your expenses and income because it will be much easier. and for background checks of employees to Escher that you have good people working for you.

3.(Ability)You have to be able to get around some how and make sure all animals are OK and fed etc.

4(personal characteristic)you have to be a good person to be around and be able to talk in front of employees and costumers.


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2 years ago

Is it Pet Smart, or Pets Mart???? I CAN'T FIGURE IT OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!