Dog Lovers Needed!

Wrigley's looking for after-school play dates...

'Job' Description:

  • Must LOVE dogs!  (And, preferably, know & love Wrigs)
  • It would be great if you lived in the Sussex/Lomond neighborhood.
  • Responsible, Dependable and Fun to play with!
  • Available, when needed, to stop by after school or at dinner times for 15 minutes to let Wrigley out and feed him.  You will earn $5 per each 15 minute visit with Wrigs.
  • Schedule will be random and flexible.  So, this is not an every day job - just when needed.  As a starting point, about once a week.

Note from Wrigley's Mom:

If you are interested in being one of Wrigley's Go To Play Buddies, Feeders and Walkers, please respond below and I will contact your mommy/daddy with more details.  Thanks!

Wrigley's Address:

3715 Traynham Road, see map below::

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