Assignment #3 Book Connections

Ron create hope by teaching Menominee language to others. He attended language classes and continue to spend time with elders and teaching language.

-born in Indian Reservation.             

-meet people like jr grandma.

-don't want to lost their language or culture.    

-Ron want his people to not forget their language but mr.P want jr to forget about his language.

-Ron continue to teach language. Jr continue to stay in the white school.

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3 years ago

Ron creates hope in his community by taking language classes and teach language to others. The tree main connections to the book are jr and Ron was born in Indian reservation, Ron continue to teach language and jr continue to stay in Redan, Ron don't want his people to forget their language and Mr.P want jr to forget about his language.

3 years ago

Let's change the first one though. It really isn't too interesting to write about. How about the one comparing Ron to Junior's grandma?