Inventions of the Industrial Revolution

John H

Telephone : March 3rd, 1876

Alexander Graham Bell :

The telephone is a device used for talking. billions of people around the world use it. First long-distance call was from NY to San Francisco, California.

Electromagnet - 1825

William Sturgeon : a magnet that creates a magnetic current. The wire wrapped around creates a magnetic field. Widely used as a component for other electrical devices.

Stethoscope - 1816

Rene Laennec : Used for listening to internal sounds of an organism. Often used for listening to the lungs and heart. Also used for blood pressure.

Battery - 1800

Alessandro Volta : used for providing power to an object. disposable batteries are commonly used for portable devices. They convert chemical energy to electrical energy.

Arc lamp - 1805

Humphry Davy : First lamp that ran off of electric arc. Also first practical electric light. Widely used as the first street lamp as well.

Tin can - 1810

Peter Durand : Used for long term packaging. Commonly used for vegetables. Has a removable cover.

Davy Lamp - 1815

Humphry Davy : A safety lamp used for flammable environments. Mainly used in coal mines. Ironically, it led to more accidents then before.

Mackintosh Raincoat - 1824

Charles Mackintosh : Waterproof coat to wear in the rain. originally made from rubber. Had a tendency to melt in hot weather.

Match - 1827

John Walker : Used for making fire easily. Made from small wooden sticks. The tip contains phosphorus

Typewriter - 1829

W.A Burt : Mechanical device used for typing ink on paper. Used by professional writers, offices, and homes. It was invented 52 times in different styles by different people.

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