welcome to new zealand

welcome to New Zealand beautiful beaches yummy food exotic different anamals and different tradition and the diffretn landmasses

the seasons in New Zealand are kind of like Canada's seasons there seasons are summer  winter spring and fall in the winter it is very wet and in the summer it is very dry

New Zealand is knowed as the seabird capital and also have a number of forest birds that live nowhere else on earth the animal group that includes reptiles and frogs is called herpetofauna they also have geckos and aligators   

the New Zealand beaches are very beautiful the best time to go to the beaches are December, January and February. The reason why is because It is the hottest in that time of year the beaches in New Zealand are very long and the water is very nice

In New Zealand the food is really good some of those foods are lamb chips fish and stake and spaghetti  

in New Zealand they love rugby its there national sport all they do is play rugby they usually win gold in the world cup and in the Olympics

this country have really nice cities and some are very big the capital city is wellington in wellington they usually speak English the capital city is very big  the population is 200thousand  interesting facts about wellington are they are very fit the districks around the city is 500thousand and a bunch of people vistit the city

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