Buenos Aires

South America


land forms in Argentina

Nevado del Plomo is the highest mountain in Argentina - 6,070

Cerro Ameghino is the second highest mountain in Argentina - 5,940 m

Calchaquí Valley is in northern Argentina and is a crossing point for provinces


the average temperature in Argentina ranges from 65 degrees to 45 and is warmer in January.

some areas in Argentina get up 98 inches of precipitation annually. But in southern Argentina their is no rain.

Clothing: You would think they all would all wear llama fur coats but the majority of the culture have different types of clothing due to what they do.


Food: Argentina has many cultural foods due to the fact that each region in Argentina, the Pampas has the most variety of food than any other region.

Asado is one of the most popular foods in Argentina and even in North America is a popular dish. What it is is a type of barbeque that they use to grill it and its practically steak. 

Locro is a stew popular around the Andes mountains and the dish is a classic corn, beans, and potato or cucurbita soup well known along the South American Andes. Typically locro is made using a specific kind of potato called “papa chola”, which has a unique taste and is difficult to find outside of its home region

Major sports: Argentina is a very diverse country with sports but their national sport is Pato which is a combination of basketball and polo and the point is you ride horseback and you have to throw the ball in the opposing teams net which one guys carries the net as a type of goalie.

Interesting facts

The story behind their flag is that during the war for independence someone made the flag but their government leader at the time did not approve of but at this time the flag was just blue and white stripes. The governor of part of Uruguay and part of Argentina said it could be used as a war flag. The Congress of Tucuman approved it for the national flag in 1816 and the sun was added in 1818.

Their is a wide variate of animals in Argentina because of the neighboring Amazon forest, their are 4 different types of armadillos in Argentina and even sloths are native and Argentina is home to 9 different bat breeds as well as the ugly famous llama.

Native llam

If your a tourist in Argentina who is a meat lover than your in luck 98% of all restaurants in Argentina have beef. If you travel here during a holiday the inner cities will be ghost towns and you will die their unless you go to the coast.


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