This IS: Indoor Recess
with LearnPad

We've all seen the meme: "Hooray! It's another indoor recess- said no teacher ever."

After a string of weeks with our students inside for the entirety of the class day, you may be scraping the bottom of the bucket for fresh new ideas to keep your kids managed and focused - and hold on to your sanity.

I present, the Indoor Recess Lesson for LearnPad.


Populated with six distinct categories, the Indoor Recess Lesson for LearnPad is a quick QR Scan away from be a viable and valuable resource in your classrooms during the prolonged days indoors. There are activities for partners, groups, and individuals. New apps, games, and sites are a welcome break from the educational resources found within your grade level lesson. This is fresh and exciting.

Scan this QR Code

Grab a LearnPad and give this Indoor Recess Lesson a test drive. If you spend a few minutes getting familiar with the content, you can better plan how to use this new Lesson in your classroom. I would recommend creating stations or areas around your room for different categories. For example, Games and Puzzles may want to be kept separate from the Yoga contained in Stretch. Coders may require the same level of focus. You decide.

Share how you use the Indoor Recess Lesson in the comments.