Life Without the Moon

Tyler D. Gordon

Here Are Some Things That Would Happen

If we had no moon, how would it effect us? Well we would not have tides for one. We would not have moon phases. And we definitely would not have eclipses anymore. So life would definitely be different. Let's learn about what we do have.


There are eight moon phases. We have phases because of the position of the moon to the sun. Without phases we would have nothing to look at that will put us in awe. So without them we would have no crescents to say that they are phases to kids.


Tides are the high and low wear of the day. We have them because the gravity of the sun and moon pull the water. If there where no tides the water would always be the same. Unless the sun pulled it.


Eclipses are solar and lunar. We have them because the moon passes through the earths shadow, lunar. Also, the moon passes in front of the sun and covers it. If we did not have them we would not be able to see a very interesting thing in the sky unless we caught with our eye a comet.


Now these are just some of the things that would happen if there was no moon. There are many more, but I can't possibly meet them all. So I'm done now. I hope we keep our moon. Bye.

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