Nazi's Take Jews Out

By: Lauren Estes

Jews Run Away

The latest battle is that the Nazi's are coming in and evacuating the Jews. We found a story that is mind blowing. A little girl named Annemarie and her family are not Jewish, her neighbor, and best friends family are Jewish. Her best friends name is Ellen Rosen and they walk to school together, and hang out constantly until a huge battle separated them. The biggest affect of this story is that Annemarie's family helps the Rosen's. They take in Ellen as one of their daughters, while they get the rest of the Rosen's away before they become held captive. Ellen worries about her family but Annemarie's family reassures her that they are as safe as money locked in a steel safe. In many occasions it seems like Ellen was going to get caught trapped in this lie of a life. Ellen and Annemarie's family go with Annemarie's Uncle on a train and arrive to the place were Ellen's parents were being held safe. Then after a few nights Ellen and her family go on a boat and Annemarie has no idea what happened to Ellen. After a little she talks to her Uncle and he explains that they are safe in Sweden and will be there until the Nazi's evacuate.

Interview with Annemarie

Did you wonder how Annemarie felt about all this happening all at once? Well I have the inside scoop on Annemarie and the journey she went on. Annemarie was very puzzled at the beginning, but she learned a lot throughout this. First i wondered how close Annemarie and Ellen were and she told me that during the time when Ellen had to stay with her a soldier came over and examined and they acted like they were asleep, but they giggled at every little thing that they could think of in that moment. Also that since they were neighbors, they were together a lot. They walked to and from school together everyday. Secondly I wondered how she felt in this situation. Overtime she got comfortable and could figure out what tragedy everyone was on. She was worried and concerned a lot about Ellen, and everything. She is a really intelligent girl though, around the end of her journey she brought a handkerchief to the boat in which Ellen and her family were hiding. If it wasn't for that they probably would've been caught because the soldiers bring dogs that can smell humans, but the handkerchief masks the smell. Annemarie seems like a hero and a role model even though she was just little.


The Jews were evacuated by the Nazi's. I think that all of this is non sense. The Nazi's should not be evacuating all these children and adults. These my cause loss in work places because they are evacuating so many people who could be workers. They are just getting rid of them when they did nothing. Just because they look different and believe in different things then we do, doesn't mean they should be killed. If everyone was the exact same the whole world would be very boring. If they capture all of the Jews then my life could be affected a lot because I know my hair dresser is Jewish, but I don't know what everyone else's religion is, but it could be many people in my life. I don't even know what good comes out of the killing and craziness this is causing. I hope this is over sooner than later. They have calmed down a little about this problem but it could blow up again on any of us. Jews need to be safe! This world should be diverse.


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