Better Energy For West A.K.A windmills

By: Rohan, Sanjeev, Colton

A.  Our school needs a windmill because our school is drawing  energy from the national grid so to be independent we can generate our own electricity.  

- The wind turbine that we found is a turbine that generates 2,000 watts for one turbine.  We plan to buy 100 of them.  

- We are setting it up in a school setting.

B.- The company that will maintain our wind turbines is Ontario Wind Turbine Maintainer.

- These people will take care of our wind turbines.

-We could approximately pay them $500 per checkup.                  

C.  Our Windmill cost $324,000 for all the windmills combined.  

- Well it does cost $324,000 but it does produce a lot of energy, and on the bright side it is less than  4oo,000 dollars.

- We can earn 324,000 dollars by  having a sonic night every wednesday, so the school can earn money for this project or, are alternative plan is to take some money from the outdoor pavilion (because that is a want) and return it back later.

D.  - We have evidence that this is a good windmill and it is called 5-blade 2kw/300vgrid Tie Wind Turbine with Invertor/ All Sales Final.  

-The pros of this is it can make easy electricity.

-Another pro is that we will never have to pay for electricity again.

-One con is some people will think the wind turbines look ugly.

-Another con is 100 turbines will take up a lot of space.

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