Introducing the All New i20 Elite

It is fairly evident that the Hyundai family has been expanding, with a new car added to its name almost every 6 to 10 months. This year, it’s the magnificent i20 elite that has added to the charms of the Korean manufacturer. The elite is a car that can be counted as a modification to the current i20. The design is something that was considered by the masses to be the next i30, but it seems that Hyundai had its own plans.

Though the i20 elite was not officially introduced in the auto expo 2014, it still came in as a late addition just about two months ago. The car features several amazing technical specifications that have not ever been seen in any of the Hyundai cars. The 1.2 L kappa engine offers amazing power and delivers an impressive mileage of nearly 18 kmpl in the petrol version. On the other hand, the comes with the 1.4 L CRDi diesel engine and offers nearly the same mileage of about 18 KMPL. The only problem is that you would need shell out nearly a lakh more if you plan to opt for the diesel instead of the petrol one.

The Elite comes with a brilliant new design that offers a little more space compared to the older i20; this new design also offers a bigger boot and more leg room for the passengers behind. Though it carries a similar speed console design as the i20, it offers a really different dashboard design and a much better music panel and AC ducts. The car also offers a remote boot access using the key itself.

Coming to the safety aspects of the car, the car comes standard with all four disc brakes. Added to which, certain variants of the car also come with added safety features such as Anti-Locking Breaking System, EBD, and ESP. However, safety is of paramount importance, and one must not ensure that elite i20 is covered under a suitable car insurance plan.