Efrain Rios Montt

By:Jarrett Pellerin

Army general and politician who ruled Guatemala as the leader of a military junta and as a dictator.  Montt joined the Guatemalan army in 1943 and rose to the rank of brigadier general and army chief of staff. After serving as director of the Inter-American Defense College in Washington, D.C., in 1973, he returned to Guatemala and ran unsuccessfully for president as the candidate of the National Opposition Front in 1974. He was a very politically smart guy. His time in office was marked by the Guatemalan Civil War.  Even though he only had 1 year as a dictator, he was very ruthless. He killed over 70,000 Mayan and Ladino peasants. Montt was great at getting people to follow him and he was very convincing at it. Montt would do what every ,eans necessary in order to succeed. Accused of genocide and crimes against humanity, RĂ­os Montt was put under house arrest in January 2012 and formally indicted in March 2012. After a trial of nearly two months, he was convicted in May 2013 of having orchestrated a counterinsurgency campaign that led to the deaths of nearly 1,800 Maya Ixil Indians and the forced displacement of tens of thousands of others and of having allowed other crimes such as torture and rape to be committed with impunity.


Visual Analysis

This video shows what Montt did to the Mayan and Ladino peasants.  He overthrew the government, making himself a military dictator.  He wanted to get ride of the people who he thought were helping the guerillas.  This shows a ruthless type if ruling the people were living under.  It shows that he was wrong about who was helping the guerillas and these people payed the ultimate price.  He wiped out entire villages, mutilations, rape ad slaughtered the indigenous population.  Once again showing his ruthlessness.  

Creative Piece

Montt killed many of innocent people for no reason

Some say that these acts count as treason

These people had no say and were being slaughtered

But Montt didn't care, he couldn't be bothered

He was a bad man and even worse as a dictator

Hes in jail now so we wont see him later

His reign was marked by the Civil War

Gun shots throughout the night, everyone got down on the floor

He killed a total of 70,000 people

He killed the Mayans and the Ladinos, he was very evil

His reign is over and it only lasted 1 year

He's out of our lives and we have nothing to fear

Essential Question

Was Montt justified in killing all of those innocent people and did he get the punishment he deserved? Why?

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