Blog #2
By Quin Hogg
Teacher: Barrisford
April 4th 2014

The main conflict in this novel is that the main character Steve is being wrongly accused and punished for a crime he did not commit, everyone thinks he is an accomplice  to the crime. The robbers robbed the drug store and killed the owner and now Steve is being blamed for it. This book primarily has Man vs. Man conflict. This conflict could be solved by getting all sides of the story ever detail. Steve has to face many conflicts, conflicts with society due to some people of the community thinking that he is guilty of such crime, conflict between him and his father them not knowing the outcome. He also has to face conflict with K in the other man on trial for murder. King constantly is trying to intimidate and scare Steve and it works. Steve has to put his fate in the hands of the jury whatever they say goes his future lies in what they decide weather they decide he is guilty or not. The last conflict is with his lawyer because his lawyer along with many others seems to think Steve is guilty of the crime.

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