Some reasons why people discriminate.

           Everyone in today's society should be treated Equally. People did not have equal rights back in the day. one example is how women were not allowed to vote or to work. Just because they were women. They had to stay home and work in the house all day. Until one day in history, The women rose up and fought for their rights. When the African Americans and Whites were enslaved and had to work for someone else and not live their life. They used Africans because they thought they were different than everyone else.

The Declaration Of Human Rights.

        Article 10 is being violated. Article 10 states that everyone is created equal and is no different from anyone else in today’s society. but the world is so messed up and discriminates everyone that they don't care about our rights. Their our still slaves in the 21 century growing and growing because people don't stand up for their rights and be free. Slaves today are so scared to fight and so tired to fight back for their rights.

What groups were targeted.

     They suffered by not being able to do everything that everyone else can do. the government was creating this problem. Mostly the Women and African Americans were targeted during this time, because they thought they were different than the men. The reason women were targeted during this period of time is because the Government thought men were the superior of everyone and could do anything. They enslaved African Americans because everyone thought they were different and had no right to live here or in general. The reason of this violation in the world is that They only wanted the certain people working for them and living with them.

How have people tried to end the violation?

         People have tried by having court cases and justifying their rights. People want to know that everyone is different yet the same. Everyone has their own personally but under the stars we are all human and should have equal rights within living anywhere on the earth. Most of them have been effective but not all of them because cops and judges don’t care about the people. Police officers think their so big and can do anything what they want. But aren't Police men the ones who kill more people than us. The ratio in humans to Police Officers killing innocent people is 2-5.

How can we prevent this violation? What can we do?

     We can prevent this by giving everyone their rights to their Bill of Rights. Everyone was created to be the same as everyone and everything. To live in peace without being able to vote or getting beat and forced to be enslaved. When this first started becoming a  problem, many people didn't know what to do about the situation. But now people have grown up and learned their rights and now know that its wrong to forcefully enslave someone without consent of that person.

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