"Puppy Love"

Budweiser once again won the hearts of the Super Bowl 2014 viewers with the "Puppy Love" advertisement. It showcases an exceptionally cute puppy that creates a bond with the famous horses, Clydesdales, and any time he is taken away, he manages to get back with his much larger friends. The intended audiences of this advertisement are young males from 21-34 years of age as this group makes up the largest population of beer drinkers. This advertisement has a strong emotional appeal. Thus middle-aged and older men are targeted with this advertisement as well. This baby-boomer demographic represents a very important audience as they make up a large portion of the population and typically have substantial disposable income.

The connection between the Clydesdale and bud is essential and makes for an outstanding marketing tool. It allows the commercial to focus on the story without having to spend a bunch of time showcasing the product itself. Instead, when the Clydesdales pop up on the screen there's instant knowledge that it's a Budweiser advertisement. There doesn't need to be a ton of product placement, celebrities talking about it or anything else of that nature. It's an automatic link. Budweiser’s ‘BestBuds’ has a high emotional appeal, promoting traditional American values. By successfully creating strong sentimental emotions, consumers develop positive feelings towards the brand making them more likely to buy Budweiser’s products. The advertisement was incredibly successful, becoming one of the highest-rated and most watched commercials of the Super Bowl XLVIII.

This advertisement does not influence the Popular Culture, however, it positions Budweiser as a brand with strong traditional values. The Clydesdale horses are used as a symbol for branding which differentiates Budweiser from its competitors. This long-standing tradition represents the heritage and tradition of the company. The advertisement itself uses emotion to touch upon themes of friendship, love, and a sense of belonging. These values position the brand as a classic and established American brand, appealing to patriotic citizens as they unite around these traditional values.