My Name is Long Tom!

     Hello stranger! My name is Thomas Jefferson. One of my nicknames is Long Tom. I love to read and I have thousands of books in my library. I sold 10,000 of my books to the U.S. library of congress. These are just some interesting facts about me but the main ones that you probably already know is that I am the third president and I helped create the human bill of rights to add to the constitution of the united states. Another interesting fact is that i love to gaze and examine stars, planets, and comets. I also keep a log book with facts and drawings of all the different plants and animals that existed in the state of Virginia.

     I was born in Shadwell, Virginia on April 13, 1743. I am the principal author of the declaration of independence. I was president four 8 years. I was delegate to the second constitutional congress. I was also governor for Virginia 2 times. My biggest political move was buying the Louisiana Territory called "The Louisiana Purchase" and it almost doubled the size of the Untied States. I also designed and began the construction of the University of Virginia.

     Let me tell you something about where I live. I designed my house and named it Monticello. Monticello means little mountain in Italian. I ran a plantation at my house, and we grew many types of crops. On my farm I had many other people working for me, which included both slaves and white hired workers. I did not think that having slaves was the right thing to do but I also didn't let them free because I didn't think that they would survive alone in the world.

     Now let me tell you a little bit about my family.I have a wife and 6 kids. My wife is Martha Skelton, and we had 1 boy and 5 girls together. But sadly only 2 of our girls, Mary and Martha, lived to be adults. My father died when I was 14. And I was the oldest out of my 9 siblings, 2 brothers and 7 sisters.

     Thanks for taking the time to read my blog! This is Thomas Jefferson (a.k.a. Long Tom) signing out.

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