HIV or “Human immunodeficiency virus” and AIDS that stand for “acquired immunodeficiency syndrome” is a disease that reproduces only in body fluids. It is transmitted by a sexual and unprotected contact with an infected person. Everyone who has unprotected sex is at risk of getting HIV. It can be transmitted with either heterosexual or homosexual sex because no matter with whom you have a sexual relationship, as soon as the body fluids, such as semen, vaginal fluids, or blood get into the body of someone that is not infected, you can contract this virus. HIV can also be transmitted by sharing needles to inject drugs or for tattoos or piercings. The fact that a little part of your blood touched the end of it, if you don’t disinfect it, HIV can be spread very quickly. The mother-to-a-child transmission is also possible. If the pregnant woman is infected, the baby will probably be infected too. This can happen before or during birth and that cause a lot of damages to the baby’s life and health. Fortunately, you cannot get HIV by touching or hugging infected people, by sharing cups or swimming pools. In our days, there have been many advances in HIV treatments but people need to be more informed and more careful about this subject.


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