mLearning EDU 210


What is this? Pictello is an application that can be used on an Ipad to create stories and audio books that can be shared with others. These books can contain pictures, videos, audio and text.

What can Pictello be used for? Pictello can be used in a variety of different ways. Students can collaborate together on a story or a report adding movie, and audio and then share them with the rest of the class and their parents. Pictello is also a great tool to make and implement social stories for children with special needs. It can be used for social stores on making friends, emotions, toileting routines, morning routines and much more.

Intro to L

What is it? Intro to Letters is an app that can be found and purchased in iTunes. This is a tool that can be used for kindergarten and grade one students as well as with students with speech/learning delays. This app teaches students letter sounds, and names. It also teaches students the letter formation of all the letters.

What can Intro to Letters be used for? Intro to Letters can be used in the classroom as a literacy station where students can direct their learning of the alphabet in a way that best suites their needs. Students can engage in matching activities, where they need to match the sound to the letter. They can practice writing the letters. They can also practice saying the letters and the sounds that the letters make by making audio recordings. By making the audio recordings the students can play back what they recorded to hear what they are saying. The teacher then is also able to listen to these recordings to see where the students are at with their letter sounds.


What is it? SpellBoard is an app that can be used in the class as well as at home on an iPad or iPhone. This is a great tool to practice spelling words.  This tool can add fun to the weekly spelling practice that is done in the class.

What can SpellBoard be used for? SpellBoard can be used as a tool to help teach and practice weekly spelling words. With this app you are able to load custom spelling lists. Each word can be recorded verbally by the students or teacher and are then played to the students when they click on the word. Students are able to put the words into alphabetical order, play a word search, unscramble the words and find the missing letter. Students are also able to do the spelling quiz right on the iPad and the marks can be emailed to their teacher and parents right from the iPad. This app would be great for students that may have fine motor difficulties.

Show me

What is it? ShowMe is an online learning community where teachers and students can learn from and create tutorials on a vast array of topics. These topics may include math, science, social, language arts, art, and social studies.

What can ShowMe be used for? There are many different ways that ShowMe can be used. Students can use it to show their teacher what they know. It can also be used for peer to peer learning and teaching, where the students are teaching eachother what they know about a certain topic. ShowMe can give step by step instruction on how to do long division and multiplication.

Science 360

What is it? Science360 is a website and app that can be used on iPad to explore different science videos. Students and teachers are able to search and locate millions of videos for just about any topic in science.

What can Science360 be used for? Students can use Science360 to explore and engage in fascinating videos of what they are learning about in science. The class could do this together, in groups, or individually. Say a student wanted to find out more on genetic make up of humans, they can simple search and then watch videos on that specific topic.

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