By Daly McKay

Population: 3,864,170

National Language: Spanish

Capital City: Panama City

Currency: Balboa

Neighboring countries: Colombia and Costa Rica

Famous Places

One of the many interesting things in Panama is it's capital, Panama City. It is an old city with many churches, plazas, and palaces. Fifteen miles away from Panama City is the Soberania National Park. People go there for hiking, birding, and other things outdoors. Panama is probably most famous for the Panama Canal. It is world famous for its fantastic engineering, and it takes four to eight hours to cross it. Another famous attraction is San Blas Island. The Kuna people claimed this island as their own, but are very welcoming to visitors.

Local Expressions

esto es una nameria. - This is foolishness.

Ella me esta blazeando. - She is bothering/annoying me.

Zambito/a. - Child/kid/little girl/boy.

Vamos de arranque. - Let's go Party.

Ayala - An exclamation of surprise or anger.

Food and Drink

  • For breakfast, Panamanians eat deep fried corn tortillas with eggs and other food, including fried meat. They often drink panamanian coffee along with their breakfast.
  • For lunch and dinner, panamanians often eat a type of meat, coconut rice, and beans, which are accompanied by fruits and vegetables, such as yucca, squash, and plantains.
  • For snacks or sides, Panamanians often eat yucca frita, which is fried yucca root. They also eat plantains, gallo pinto, which is just beans and rice, and ceviche, which is chopped raw fish mixed with onions, tomatoes, and cilantro.

Climate and Geography

Panama has a very tropical climate. It has two seasons, one's dry, and the other is rainy. It is always hot in this in this country, but it gets colder when you get in higher altitudes. It rains twice as much as it does on the Pacific coast as it is on the Caribbean coast. There is a large area in Panama that is just hills and grassland called el interior, that is in between the Azuero Peninsula and the Central Mountains. In the east, there is the Darian Gap, which is a humid area of swamp, and a few forests.

Level Four

Venezuela has cut their trading ties with Panama because they feel that the Panamanians are worrying too much about the American government. This could be big for the Panamanians because they will have to find another country to trade with. That could take a lot of work, because some countries might not need the stuff that Panama has to offer. They could also end up loosing their money they have to pay for the things they need from other countries. This could affect the Panamanians future. They might start moving to different countries, or not get the care they need because they don't have.

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