By Sydney Ware: Honduras is a beautiful country that has many beaches, mountains and a tropical climate with lots of interesting history that started with the mayans.  

Important facts

The first people that where there were the mayans and after they collapse people started to slowly settle into different parts ofHonduras, latter on Honduras was founded in September 15, 1821 by Spain and became independent in 1838.Honduras has a population of 8.098 million people that speak Spanish, they live near South America . There capitol city is Tegucigalpa and is neighbored to El Salvador, Guatemala,Nicaragua and Belize.  

The people, of whom about 90% are mestizo, speak spanish and are Roman Catholic

Famous landmarks

Some of the most interesting places to visit

Is the Enchanted wings nature center, which has over 100 different bird species and a butterfly garden. It is run by a man named Robert Gallardo and his wife. Another is La tigra national park, which was the first national park in Honduras and an important water sources for a village that has a shorted on water. It is also one of the few areas in Honduras that is heavily forest. Lastly there is the Copan's, it is an archeologist site where the ruins of the mayan still remain. It was one of the most beautiful and important cities of the mayans next to it are museums and many tropical birds.     

Culture/ life
Honduras was one of the spanish colonies that had the most interesting and beautiful art and architecture, there greatest art/arch was from the mayans who created temples around and in the city Copan. They also base there art on there religion, history, and daily life.

In there daily life they eat things like “man’s soup”, cheese and chili peppers,mashed cassava,seafood dishes in the south,flour tortilla, quesillo or cheese and sour cream, scrambles eggs,etc and celebrate holidays like Easter, Christmas, and birthdays.

Families have friends that are often brought into a family circle to become compadres (“godparents”) which is a honor because they believe strongly about family loyalty. In family life there are three ways to get married:civil, religious, and free unions.There is also know shame to a man who has many children and mistresses and is only disapproved of if the man doesn't fulfill the role of head of the family. The difference between boys and girls are girls are  expected to be quiet and helpful while boys enjoy much greater freedom, and they are given considerable latitude in their behavior.Also young boys are allowed to run around unclothed, while girls are much more carefully groomed and dressed.

geography and climate

Honduras's  tempter is usually  from 90 to 68 degrees and the weather they experience is hot rain in April and October, hurricanes between June and November, and drouth's in November and March. When it is rainy season some roads can be closed do to floods and landslides, most people prefer to live in the Bay islands were its warm and sunny and tourist love it there because of the beaches and plains . Honduras geography is divided into three sections with mountains, tropical forests, the gulf and plains. It has four active volcanos and  some cliffs with different views of the country.  

Expression 1:  no puedo, tengo que chambear ( I can't I have to work)

Expression 2: se fondeó ( He fell asleep)

Expression 3: se le subió el indio a la cabeza ( He got very angry)