Muslim, Jammu, Kashmir, Pakistan

Indo-Pakistani war

Kashmir is made up of 60% Muslim

Kashmir- Gets beliefs and practices from concept of monism and non-dualism but they differ a bit from it

Muslim- Believe in Allah, many practices

They share a border with the states of Himachal Pradesh and Punjab to the south.

Started in 1947, both gained independence from Britain.

They both wanted Kashmir.

Attempts to sop were Line of control, MANY ceasefire attempts, laws that went into effect

Its too dangerous for anyone else to try to help because of the nuclear powered weapons

I feel like it is likely to continue until they let Kashmir vote and decide on their own.

Both countries have nuclear powered weapons. So if it continued on those may be used which would affect everyone.

A video of Kashmir going to polls and being shut down and controlled by armed men. (April 2014)


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