Conformity is a compliance with standards, rules or laws and it is an agreement between an individual's behaviour and a groups standards or expectations. Conformity is shown in the catcher in the rye as J.D Salinger by the use of Holden Canfield's language and the way he speaks to people. Conformity is included in this text as Holden uses certain language that is a part of conformity, such as constantly referring people to 'phonies' as he believes their personalities are fake and to express his frustration for the people around him all being the same and doing the same things . One example of this is "for instance, they had this headmaster, Mr. Haas, that was the most phoniest bastard I've ever met in my life". This shows the audience that Holden was a person that did not agree with conformity one bit and thought of it as a joke. Conformity is challenged in this novel by the author J.D Salinger by the use of language, as towards the end of the book he uses a metaphor which is said by a teacher to Holden which challenges the idea of conformity. " Life is a game, boy. Life is a game that one plays according to the rules". This makes the audience think as to why we do follow the guidelines and is telling us that if we do, we get the most out of life. This metaphor is used to show us that conformity is something that is used for good things but when it comes to the personalities of others, it has an affect that is not liked by some.

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The cultural assumption is expressed thoroughly and clearly at the start of the text. The examples are very relevant to the cultural assumption and gives you a further understanding of it. The elements of the novel are stated but I think more than one can be identified in the chosen novel. The link to the time and place where the novel was written isn't stated, but its obvious by the language used by the author that the book was written around the 1940-50's. 👍 I also cannot locate where you have given your own opinion about the cultural assumption. I cant find any similarities to my book. The language used is very sophisticated and used appropriately. Overall job is very well done 😍 💜 💙 💛 💚 🌈 📙 📏 📐 📌