How to prevent identity theft!

        Identity theft is a serious crime. Identity theft happens when someone uses information about you without your permission.

        What could a thief do with your personal information?

        An identity thief can use your name and information to:

        • buy things with your credit cards
        • get new credit cards
        • pretend to be you if they are arrested

        How could a thief steal your identitiy?

        A thief can get your personal information in person or online. Here are some ways thieves might steal someone’s identity. A thief might:

          steal your mail or garbage to get your account numbers or your Social Security number

          trick you into sending personal information in an email

          steal your wallet or purse to get your personal information

          Identity theft can make it hard for you to get credit, a job, a place to live, or utilities. But you can reduce your risk of being hurt by identity theft.
          How can I protect my identity?Protect your personal information. That helps you protect your identity. Here are some things you can do:

            At home:

              keep your financial records, Social Security and Medicare cards in a safe place

            shred papers that have your personal or medical information

            take mail out of your mailbox as soon as you can

            As you do business:

            only give your Social Security number if you must. Ask if you can use

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