A Gene is something you heredity from your parents or from grandparents.

A disease that genes can cause is sickle cell anemia.

Sickle Cell Anemia is a cell that is shaped like a sickle cell and it can make it low on oxygen.

Sickle cell cause it low on oxygen.

It impacts them because how the want to play and they run out of oxygen quick.

You can treat Sickle cell anemia by a donor with your match of the same blood.

Environmental Is when human activity when relating with the world. a disease is skin cancer.

Skin cancer is a growth of skin and abnormal skin cells.

What causes is and abnormal skin cells.

It can effected people when others call people names and how they look.

It is curable when it is found in early stage.

Lifestyle choices is when the choices you do with your life. Example how you eat and have you live.

Heart disease is a blood vessel that can lead to a heart attacked.

Heart disease is caused by inhibit blood through your organs.

it is affected by others because they cant do that much in life.

CABG is a type of surgery that bypass your narrowed coronary arteries.