World War 2 America vs. Japan

Do you want to know about, WWII, fine ill tell you ugh!

[When it started] It all started in September of 1939 [Pearl Harbor] Pearl Harbor was in Hawaii. When Pearl Harbor was attacked it was by surprise the Imperial army [Japanese army]. First everyone that was at Pearl Harbor was sleeping, then out of nowhere bang, whoosh, boom, Pearl Harbor was under attack ,soldiers had to man the 30. calibers, Americans were wounded or even dead and kamikaze’s [suicide pilots] were crashing down on the US troops but after the invasion it was silent absolutely silent! [Iwo Jima] Iwo Jima was one of the bloodiest battles in American history. Once you got out of the boats you could see dead marines washing up on the shore of the beach because the Japanese army was putting so much heavy fire on America there were so many craters from enemy and friendly fire of artillery there were so many you could use them as trenches. The marines were pinned down for a long time while the enemy was hiding in underground trenches. America started sending in flamethrower troops to invade the machine gun bunkers. The US had to destroy a bunch of tanks, bunkers, enemies and buildings. [The big boom] America was so mad at japan that they drop an atomic bomb that destroyed a lot of houses, buildings and killed a bunch of civilians and imperial troops. [Today] Today America and japan are in the U.N. [United Nations] which means they won’t attack each other unless they betray each other. Other countries such as Russia, China, Germany, etc.are all in the U.N.