Distracted Drivers

The dangers of driving are obvious.  This commercial by das auto shows a scenario of 3 teen girls in a car accident by texting while driving.

texting while driving is not only illegal in 44 states, it can cause injuries or worse death. Cell phones are involved in some 1.6 million auto-mobile related accident annually. which cause 500,000 injuries and deaths of some 6000 each year.

Show me the statistics!

  • Texting or reading a text takes about 4.6 seconds. If you are driving at 65 mph that equates to driving a whole football field blindfolded.
  • 13% of drivers 18-20 involved in a care accident admit to be texting or talking on their device at the time of their accident.
  • 52% of Americans age 16-17 say they have talked on a phone while driving and 34% of them admit they have texted while driving
  • 77% of young adults are very or somewhat confident that they can safely text while driving.
  • 55% of young adult drivers claim it's easy to drive while texting.
  • teens who text while driving spend about 10% of their driving time outside of their lane.
  • you are 23x more likely to get in a crash while texting and driving. dialing while driving is 2.8x more risk, talking/ listening is 1.3x more risk, and reaching for a device is 1.4x more risk.

It's not just teens

  • 15% of young drivers have seen their parent text while driving
  • 48% of young drivers have seen their parent talk on the phone while driving

1 in 5 drivers of all ages admit to surfing the web while driving.

How to prevent

  1. create laws everywhere to ban cellphone or any device to be used while driving
  2. educate everyone of the effects and consequences of cellphone use while driving.
  3. Social media can help spread awareness to people
  4. drive cam, AT&T drive mode, Text-free-driving pledge are all ways of preventing cellphone use while driving


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