Tough times don’t last, but tough people do!

I was born in Arecibo, PR and raised in the small town of Camuy. Famous for their caves and humble people.

This is my family. Every year we all look forward to our family road trips. First picture is the kids in NY, second picture is us in Tennessee, and the third picture is us in DC.

Autism is a one of the reasons why I want to work with children and their families. Having first head experience with autism has made me passionate about helping others.

Love this movie, I cry every time I see it but it reminds me that Asperger's is real.

Watch every episode, and also cried on most of them. One of their younger character's (Max) and one of the adults (Hank) also had Asperger's.  

And here is my reason for perusing a career in special education. This is my son Josh (14 yrs old on this picture) he has Asperger's and is also highly gifted. Josh is now 17 and a junior in high school. Since pre-school we have gone through some ups and downs with schools, administrations and teachers who just don't understand nor do they have the proper training. Josh has taught me so much about myself and about accepting everyone for who they are and not for who we want them to be.

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