Create a Cool Tackk!!

Tackk is uber cool, simple to understand, and ready for you to use RIGHT NOW!

  1. Simply decide on the style that you want - there are several templates available OR use the oh so tempting blank canvas template!
  2. Add your headline!
  3. Add a picture if you want  - You can even link your Instagram account!
Do I look like I'm joking here - make an account and start being brilliant!

You can even add video from several different places (over 300 places) - enjoy the outtakes!

Make a button - take your class someplace cool - without giving it away....

Add a map to show off all of the cool places you have been!

Maybe you teach with infographics??  Put several right here and let the debating begin!

ADD YOUR twitter...

There are over 300 different sources of media that you can link!!

Put a form at the bottom of the page - let people contact you with questions or to tell you how much their child loves having you as a teacher!

Need some volunteers: Have them RSVP....

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You can use Tackk in so many different ways - check it out!