Most interesting man in the world-
Dos Equis

Alex Anton, Michael Stanciu

In the Dos Equis campaign, the ad depicts " The most interesting man in the world". this ad was launched to promote their beers, and the objective was to appeal to TV watchers.

Dos Equis dominated social media

Social media users quickly transformed the new Dos Equis commercial into a meme. every time someone created and shared a new meme from this commercial, more and more people saw it, and more people were likely to make one themselves, giving free advertising to Dos Equis.

This, being one of the many memes created, clearly explains how social media users have adopted and transformed this commercial to create free advertising  for Dos Equis, and easy publicity.

Dos Equis revolutionized the advertisement business for alcohol products

Dos Equis's comical style for their commercial prompted a whole new wave of comical  alcohol commercials, and thus revolutionizing the alcohol advertisement business

this commercial came well after the Dos Equis commercials, proving how they changed the way the advertisements were structured.

Dos Equis commercials caught the viewers attention

by not revealing the brand until the very end of the advertisement, it keeps the viewer intrigued to keep watching. this makes them more attentive to the advertisement, and more likely to remember the brand. By making the commercials comical, people actually want to and like to watch these commercials.

By engaging the viewer in this way, the commercial dubbed "the most interesting man in the world" was one of the best campaigns of the 21st century.

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2 years ago

One connection I have seen between this campaign and other advertisements is since this commercial has came out other advertisements have followed suit and using long lasting characters that tell stories in their ads as well!

2 years ago

@Bradrhum Not only does it have a reoccurring character in the campaign, but it has evolved him for just a guy telling stories of his conquests, to actually showing clips of him completing the things he said he did. It started out just as a way to get the consumers attention, but evolved so people could relate to it, which is really cool!