Ted Williams

Baseball Hall of Fame

Theodore Samuel [Ted Williams] was a great baseball player. He was in the Hall of Fame. He died in 2002, he will be remembered forever.

Ted played baseball for 17 seasons that was 19 years in all. He was given all kinds of nicknames like ''The Kid'', ''The Splendid Splinter'', ''Teddy Ballgame'', ''The Thumper'', and ''The Greatest Hitter Who Ever Lived''. He retired from baseball in 1960. And lived till he was 83 yrs old.

He played for the ''Boston Red Sox'' as a left-fielder.

In 1966, he was in the Baseball Hall of Fame.

He later managed two teams called ''Washington Sentors'', and '' The Texas Rangers''.

He retired in 1960, because of his age.

He died in 2002 at the age of 83.

I think that Ted Williams is athletic, hardworking, and very fast on his feet.

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