Civil War
Day 1

I'm Alex,I'm 12 years old, I live in Atlanta,Georgia, today is the year 1863, I live with my mom, my dad and my older brother are in the war fighting for the Confederacy, they are stationed in Texas, my mom have to take care of me and younger sister she is only 1 year old, is really hard to take care of both of us, in the mornings, I have to cook meals but is not much that I can do since we don't have a lot of food, I take care of my little sister when my mom is taking care of other things, I help a little bit in the family business but I'm not a lot of help since now the business is not good because most of the people is in the war, I can't go to school anymore since our schoolmaster went off to the war, I make clothes for my family and I read the newspapers to see if anything happen to my brother or dad, I miss them,  in the afternoons I help my mom with the crops, I cook dinner and I go outside to try to trade some clothes for some food, and I try to entertain my little sister, it's hard but I try to do the best I can, sometimes I help people by giving them some clothes or if they are sick I give the something so they will get better. Here is a picture of me and my brother when we were younger and a picture of our house.

Day 2

Here is the letter that I send to my brother and dad:

Dear dad and brother:

I miss you so much, my sister is really good she miss you too, my mom is working a lot, and I'm working too, I'm trying to help my mom, sometimes wounded soldiers come in here and we help them, I hope I could see you soon, I hope you are alright, I heard that one of the soldiers in your troop die, I'm really sorry for that, I'm really glad you are alright, and I hope I see you soon, and that you can meet Charlotte soon, I hate that you went to war before she was born, she is really beautiful, here is a picture of her.

Day 3

Today I help my mother with the animals in the farm, a soldier came here he was wounded we try to help him but he die, I feel very bad for that, he didn't deserve to die, I did some clothes and went outside to give them to some people, and we give some food too, we don't have a lot but when we kill an animal we always get some left and it will go bad anyways, in the morning I wake up and went for milk for my little sister, then I play with her and then she took a nap, I see people get kill everyday the newspapers say everyday that people have die, I just hope the war end up fast and that my father and brother are alright, I want them to come back safe.

Day 4

Here is the letter that my father and brother send back,

Dear family:

we are ok, we miss you so much, I hope everybody is alright and we think that we could come back home, we really want to meet Charlotte, she is beautiful, she is growing so fast, we will be going to battle soon but I promise you that we will comeback to meet her, and that we will be together soon. We participate on the  Battle Of Chickamauga some of the soldiers on our troop die and get wounded, we are alright, we will come to home soon.

My family is really happy that my father and brother are alright, my mom was crying because she miss them and then she make me cry for that.

Day 5

Today president Lincoln was assassinated, I don't know exactly what to feel, I think nobody deserve to die, no matter what people do, the person who did it need to be punished because no matter what life is something that people can't decide, the people can't decide who die and who don't, if you are to die today you will die , but no because people want you to die, if not because that is your destiny.

I think that the person who did that was really wrong, because if people doesn't suppose to do that, never, because if people is to decide who die most people would be dead, people will kill other people everyday, if someone kill someone that you know and love then you gonna kill that person and other person will kill you and that will keep going.

What he did should have never happen, he was a good man, I am in the south but I don't believe in slavery, but I think is really bad that he got killed  but maybe after that the war will just stop, and I could see my father and brother again, I agree with him when he say he was against slavery because I believe everybody is equal and nobody should be treated like slaves are treated.

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