All For a Arizona

Adrian Rolling Slam Poem 3rd Hour 4/16/14

I recently returned from football
and I am starving
Dad's at work
Mom's asleep
and I am starving
I raid the fridge and cabinets
with chicken and a granola bar in hand
not enough
and man,
does a Arizona
and a bag of Hot Cheetos
sound like heaven on earth
I run around my room scrimmaging for singles
finding just enough
I then head to my garage
where my yellow and black bike awaits
I hop on, get a feel for the handles,
and i'm off.
One million miles per hour
Until I see it.
The gas station.
I ride to the side,
hop off,
in and out like a bullet.
I then stroll to my bike
with the feeling of pride coursing through my veins
then slowly, pridefully, ride home
and in that moment, I notice a German Shepard
as it begins to follow me home
but when he starts to bark
I am just a memory
as I speed down the road
Apparently, not fast enough
as the German Shepard closes in
But the trooper does not listen to his commander
as he chases me down the road.
When my house is in view I throw my leg over the seat
Herman! Stop!
I dive off and sprint
cautiously holding my earnings
and my bike hits the fence
the dog then growls and heads back
as I sprint, all the way home.

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