NCAA Basketball Tournament

How it works

       The first tournament was in March 17,1939.The first teams to ever play in a NCAA tournament was Oregon, Ohio State, Oklahoma, and Villanova, Ohio state was runner up and Oregon was the winner of the first NCAA tournament and championship.  There was 8 teams and 8 games.In the tournament now there is 68 mens and 64 womens games played.There wasn't a three point line until October 12, 1979.

       There are four of each seed 1-16 and seed 1 always plays seed 16 in the first round then seed 2 plays seed 15 and it goes on like that until its seed 8 against seed 9 and there are 65-68 games in the NCAA basketball tournament.The first team ever to win in the 15 seed spot was the Florida Gators who faced the number the number 11 seed against Arizona.

       People make bets on their brackets to see if they can get a perfect bracket. The chance of getting a perfect bracket is one out of 9.2 billion times.The leader of the most wins right now since the beginning is the UCLA Bruins.John wooden coached 10 of those 11 game titles.Kentucky Wildcats have won the second most with 8 titles.



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