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What is Software?

Software are programs that run on a device, there are many different types of software, these are: word processors, publishers and web browsers. Software is described to be an imaginary device that could carry out any arithmetical sequences given to it as long as it was supplied with suitable instructions. this was a huge achievement as it was the first of its kind. The first ever algorithm to be able to solve multiple problems. This was a stepping stone for the technological era as it helped to develop most of the technology and programs we use today. it is mostly used to develop, make, design and create apps and computer programmes.

Key terms:

Algorithm: A series of steps designed to solve a mathematical or other problems. Instructions: A set of commands that a processor can recognise and act upon Program: A stored set of instructions for a computer to execute.

Software: The programs which run on a computer.

Application: Software designed to carry out a useful real-world task.

Platform: A combination of hardware and operating systems which run certain app Programming language: A way of writing programs for the computer to execute

Writing Software

Software is written using programming languages by programmers. there are hundreds of different programming languages and more are always being developed. The problem is this can only run on binary bit code. even with such a wide range of programming languages available, it is still difficult to produce easy to use and reliable software, because it is such a new thing to humans. there are rules to how writing software should be approached. this is the discipline of software engineering.

Systems Software

System software is computer software designed to operate and control the computer hardware and to provide a platform for running application software. System software includes the following:

  • The operating system, examples being Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and Linux), allows the parts of a computer to work together by performing tasks like transferring data between memory and disks or rendering output onto a display device. It also provides a platform to run high-level system software and application software. It is a large collection of
  • Utility software helps to analyze, configure, optimize and maintain the computer.
  • Device drivers such as computer BIOS and device firmware provide basic functionality to operate and control the hardware connected to or built into the computer.
  • A user interface "allows users to interact with a computer.” Since the 1980s the graphical user interface (GUI) has been perhaps the most common user interface technology. The command-line interface is still a commonly used alternative.

Operating Systems

The operating system is a large collection of programs that tells the hardware what to do. They are found in nearly all computing devices from mobile phones to computer consoles. They oversee operations such as: transferring data between memory locations, producing visual displays on the screen, controlling peripherals, protecting data from being accidentally over written. It is usually referred to as a platform. This means it provides an environment where applications can run.

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