Special Education Classroom Reflection

Mrs. Dooley's classroom

Teaching Strategies for the different types of students in the classroom....

Hard to stay on task student: Mrs. Dooley has created an individualized system for a couple of students in her class that struggle with this. One student had these tiny blocks and would lose one if Mrs. Dooley had to remind him to stay on task. The goal was to not lose all of the blocks each day.

Overly shy student: Mrs. Dooley would really encourage this student to speak up and voice her opinion. It one instance the young lad had been asked a question and she was so nervous that Mrs. Dooley playfully told the class to go about the business and give her room to think. The kids then proceeded then to look around the room and act like they were paying attention to something else. The young girl appreciated everyone not staring at her while she came up with the answer.

Autistic: The Autistic child had a para in the classroom with him. The Para sat at a separate table and also had the para help other students as well during centers. Mrs. Dooley also did a great job with blending the kids together and having students volunteer to hang out or be the Autistic child's partner. The Autistic child would leave the classroom during the day to meet with the Special Education teacher as well.

Were the strategies effective that were used by the teacher?

I definitely think Mrs. Dooley's strategies were effective. She is able to help the students individually without making them feel like the odd man out.

My thoughts about teaching in a classroom with Special Needs learners.

My thought is that you treat the classroom as a family unit and get the message out to your students that " we are all in this together". Every student has their own personal needs really and every student learns differently. Some of them just need a extra little attention and that's okay because most likely those are the students that you will affect the most and make the most lasting impression on.

Mrs. Dooley working with a two of her IEP Students.

My signed Butler letter.......

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