Newport International Group LLC Consulting: Cloud Operations Readiness


Is your organization prepared for the Cloud? You have less time to get ready than you think you do.

Technology is changing in the area of cloud versus on-premises and mobile computing. With mobile applications running through the conventional design – build – test – deploy process in days and weeks instead of months and years, often times technology is not the “long pole in the tent.” We can help you ready your organization in advance of technology deployment, allow your employees greater engagement by trying new things, and preparing for new ways of doing business in the cloud.

Cloud Operations Readiness

Our service offering covers a number of preparation areas, from the organizational to the technical. We are pleased also to work with the following partners in the development of technical solutions and architectures for cloud and mobile computing.

Our firm is recognized as an SAP Influence Partner across many program areas including Sustainability, 2-tier Computing, EPM and GRC services.

As members of the Microsoft Partner Network in the area of Strategy, we work with clients to develop approaches leveraging cloud computing, predictive analytics, and mobile technology strategies.


Many companies are ill-prepared for the move to Cloud platforms, including use of something as seemingly benign as social media or social business tools. Having sound E-policies in place will set the proper expectations with your employees and management teams. We can develop and review existing employee handbooks to include the appropriate coverage for cloud and mobile computing environments.

Executive Effectiveness

Recent studies have shown that an incremental increase in a system transformation program budget can increase program funding chances by over 50%. Beyond the “cool factor” that mobile computing brings is also the opportunity to enable greater capabilities for on-the-go executives through tablet and mobile phone applications. Simply rendered and highly effective, these scenarios can be used in budgeting, forecasting, reporting, and strategic planning.

Employee Engagement / BYOD

Mobile technologies offer a chance to engage employees in a common platform and user experience. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) programs can create excitement and even gamification of certain otherwise mundane work tasks. We can also advise how to properly create an “app store” for your organization and how to “push and pull” sensitive apps to and from employee devices.

User Experience (UX) and Gamification Solutions

Business applications function differently on a mobile platform. Considerations for User Experience (UX) and Gamification – important for Millennial Workers – are critical success factors. We work with a number of SAP and Microsoft related solutions including Duet Enterprise, SAP Social, and Microsoft interfaces such as SharePoint to create the most engaging employee and customer user experience possible given the resources and business practices of the organization.

2-Tier Subsidiary Design

Whether it is the result of a merger or planned divestiture, using cloud computing templates in a hybrid or so-called “2-tier” computing environment can save time, effort and money. We also look at the lease vs buy and security trade-offs to working with plants, subsidiaries and other facilities throughout the greater enterprise and the supply chain.

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