John Dillinger

Public Enemy # 1

Wanted poster for Dillinger, which offered a reward for his capture

Bank Robber extraordinair

John Dillinger was the leader of a bank robbing gang, who stole hundreds of thousands of dollars during the Great Depression. He was famous for the daring yet well thought out bank robberies he and his gang committed mostly in the Chicago area. The gang was infamous for using any weapon viable for escape from the police. Which they were masters at. Even though Dillinger was incarcerated three times, he escaped twice from prison twice and was paroled one previous time. Dillinger was gunned down by Police which ultimately ended his reign as Public Enemy Number 1.

Close shot of the jackrabbit
Johnny Depp, playing Dillinger in the blockbuster hit Public Enemy

During the 1920's and 1930's many people were impressed by outlaws who took what they wanted by force. They were fascinated with the gall these men must have had to commit such lucrative heists, and many cheered them on in the process. While a large amount of people were in deep poverty, it gave hope to those who could see wealth be taken back!

Dillinger after he had been shot down by Police, being examined by a mortician

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