college project #ACESL4

by: Paula Alvarado

1. Letter of Intent

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College Application:

4. Letter of Recommendation

5. Presentation / Presi

6. FAFSA Form (Paper Copy)

Letter of Intent
hello mi name is paula I will like to go to Utep because you have more opportunities and

Utep is a good college because they have a lot of thing they can do  and a can be a good student have good grades and  they can be good to have me in that college I never had a referral or kis and I cant do better on that I have good grades I respect my teachers and they dont have problems with  me and they always said that I respect and I like so much the school and I have respect and I have good grades and they don't have treble with  mi having in this school and they said am a good student.

                                                                                   BY: Paula Alvarado

letter of recombination

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