QR Codes Make n’ Take Sessions

When: October 1st or 3rd - 4-5 p.m.
Location: Marysville High School Technology Lab.


(note: you will need your Marysville username and password to register)

PD Description: Are you looking for an engaging way to incorporate technology to help activate a lesson or spice up your parent teacher conferences? QR or “Quick Response” codes are an easy way to make the real world “clickable” by connecting digital content such as video, audio and websites to traditional classroom activities like flashcards and worksheets, or station based activities and labs. In this make n’ take session you’ll learn some secrets to making QR Code quickly and learn about some of the many ways educators are using QR codes in the classroom. You’ll be able to print and laminate the QR codes you make or bring something from your classroom you would like to add a QR code to (ex. Poster, books, worksheet, microscope - the sky’s the limit)

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