The Appalachian Mountains: Did you know that there's many hiking areas in theses mysterious mountains? But your not aware of the other amazing things to do in this region. Within a short drive exploring everywhere, Appalachian has many to discover. Here are Three amazing place to consider to have a adventure to, with your family. Be the first one to discover something new.

Shaker Village............

There’s a comfortable and beautiful place to stay in, with an amazing restaurant, shopping, picnic areas and more.

Luray Caverns............

Breathtaking scenery, amazing pools and the world’s only Stalactite organ which can be seen in this region. There are tours to go and explore with as well.

Harper's Ferry............

The communtiy is full of rich history and cultures. The Harper's Ferry Historical Association's Bookshop has many amazing books, artwork, postcard and more, even for kids.

The Appalachian Mountains are the highland in North America. It is in the eastern part of the Rocky Mountains. The Appalachian mountains formed 300 million years ago during the Ordovician Period. The region is located in are the United States, and Canada. The Appalachian mountains are located in Eastern North America, they extend 1600 north- south from Quebec to Georgia.  

The Appalachian Plateau has a big industry in coal mining. This is very convenient for the people who live in this region so you don't have to help pay with the coal that is shipped there

The climate in that  region is Generally temperate and humid, the climate of the Appalachians presents sharp contrasts.

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