I don't worry. I don't doubt. But I am not a rebel without a cause.

    • The red swords represent the fight
    • The blue represents the sadness that is caused by Redcoat
    • The black represents the darkness in the society

    The Truth Behind the Constitution


    Rosewood ; Vanderwaal



    The purpose of this cause is to provide …

    Individual Freedom


    End Dictatorship

    Provide Better Academic Opportunities


    The requirements to join Vanderwaal are that you have to want freedom and you want to make your own choices. We are against Redcoat because they have a horrible education system, and they control everything you do as well as lying. They dont let you have a mind of your own.


    The person who is in charge of this cause is Vanderwaal. Our leader is Vanderwaal because this person is the one that started this cause. We will assure you that you will have individual freedom and that nobody has to control you. You have the right to choose the way your life is.


    The responsibilities are that you can’t be influenced and brainwashed by the A team because we need strong minded citizens that are tired of being controlled by their dictator which is Redcoat. Even though we have never seen this dictators face everywhere you look there is always a figure of a woman with blonde hair in an actual redcoat. We promise to give you freedom, and the right to live your life the way you want to, without anybody watching your every day move.


    The laws that will defend the people are very important because they will be enforced in Rosewood.

    Our laws are--

    1. Every child must have a proper education
    2. You have the right to wear anything of your choice
    3. There is no curfew.
    4. There is no discrimination towards anyone.
    5. You can have as many kids as you want.
    6. Crime is not encouraged.
    7. There is no limit in what you can eat.
    8. All citizens 18 or older can own a vehicle.
    9. Racism is illegal.
    10. You can marry whoever you want to.


    Vanderwaal provides free education (unlike A Team) and have put in place a phenomenal education system to provide every student the best learning environment and the most opportunities to succeed. You will not need to pay for a penny of you or your childs education, university included. If somebody does not want an education they have to be already an adult if not you must have an education.


    The symbol of our flag is two swords in the middle that are red, it represents that we fight against what we believe is right. The blue and black represent the darkness in the world and how it is sad and controlled by others.


    The figurehead of our country is Vanderwaal, she is the leader of us and has been rebelling against the A Team and Redcoat since years ago. We think of her as our “mascot” because she has led us to this rebellion and she has joined us all together to fight against unfairness in Rosewood.


    Mona Vanderwaal

    Characteristics & Abilities:

    Vanderwaal is not to be seen as a leader, but as a friend. She greets every new member of the establishment and always lends a helping hand. Vanderwaal has the power to deny and rule set by our legislators and is always thinking in the best interest of her citizens.

    The Story of Our Leader

    Mona Vanderwaal grew up in a working class family in Rosewood, in a rustic little house on the countryside.

    She grew up with her mother and two sisters. They lived a simple life, and were un able to afford school. Mona father had disappeared when she was a little girl but she had vivid memories of him.

    One day as she was she went to the Red Coat headquarters to request medicine for her mother who was gravely ill, she heard faint cries of pain coming from building across the street. Curiosity got the best of her and she went through the back door of the building, climbed three flights of stairs, and got to a dim large room with two Hooded Men holding baseball bats, and a man tied up to a chair. Her father.

    The men tied her up, and forced her to watch her father be beaten to death. Then drove to her house, burned it with her sisters inside, and buried her mother alive. They left Mona alone in the middle of no where and she nearly let herself die jut to get the ghastly images out of her head. But she didn't, because now she had one sole purpose in life... to expose the A Team, and save the citizens who believe they are safe  and happy, just as she once did.


    The have a secret but can they keep it?

    Swear that you'll not save

    Vanderwaal is our leader

    And were rebelling against A

    They'll try to show you but you know you

    Have to stand up to what they say

    Because we will do whatever

    Needed to keep Rosewood safe!

    Propaganda Posters

    The Lair

    A has portrayed this room as being a rewarding place to take off your coat, relax, and have a good time, but in reality the only one having a good time is her.

    The Lair is where A keeps the cameras that watch all the citizens of Rosewood. Sometimes the Red Coats even throw in the bodies of their victims. People are beaten to death, buries alive, burned to ashes, hung, slaughtered. All caught on camera used to torture the people who A thinks know too much. Nobody leaves The Lair, unless you are being recruited to join the Red Coats. Anybody who wants to be a Red Coat must go through initiation, which is to murder someone. It does not matter who, as long as they bring back a head, and hang it on the roof. After that your free! Well, you are supposed to be free, but A has a very different definition of free. If you leave The Lair alive then your entire life is now dedicated to her.

    The beach that The Lair is on is know as the "Ocean of Tears" because its where the death occurs. Still like the idea of being a loyal citizen?

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