Mobile Apps for the Classroom

Academic Word List Crossword Puzzle

What is it? The Academic Words List Crossword Puzzle App has a variety of crossword puzzles which are made up from the Academic Word List and the Oxford 3000.

How can it be used? This App can be used by students to practice their academic vocabulary which will help them better understand concepts in a variety of disciplines. A Language Arts teacher could use it to help students who are struggling with acquisition of vocabulary.

Human Respiratory System

What is it? This app is an animated lesson about the human breathing system. It covers human breathing specifics, parts of the breathing system, vocal folds and gas exchange.

How can it be used? This app can be used to engage students when learning about the anatomy of the human breathing system. By visually showing the inner workings of the respiratory system in an animated lesson, students will better grasp how breathing works.

Class Charts

What is it? Class Charts provides teachers with rich seating plan charts which allow data entry in regards to key aspects of specific students. It also makes it easy to share seating plans with other teachers as to combat behavioural issues.

How can it be used? Class Charts can be used to help teachers when making appropriate seating plans for their different classes. It also makes keeping track of attendance easier.


What is it? Audioboo is an app which allows you to record audio and upload it online.

How can it be used? Audioboo could be used in education in a variety of ways. A teacher could record audio for the purpose of an online lesson or a lesson within the classroom. Students could use Audioboo to record audio for a project or to help them when writing a paper.


What is it? eduClipper is a educational social platform that has been created for teachers and students. Educators can explore, share, and contribute content to share with students and other teachers.

How can it be used? This app can be used for both teachers and students to share educational resources and materials online. Students can create study groups, collaborate on research assignments, and even create digital portfolios. Teachers can use eduClipper to create PLNs with other educators.

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